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The VR Safari: Digital Innovation Workshops 

VR Safari  is designed to give businesses creative insight and hands-on experience with some of the world’s most cutting-edge immersive technology.


At its heart, it’s about combining the intellectual and corporate value of facilitated talks with the no-nonsense tangible experience of practical demos. And with our expert partners in VR/AR/MR industries, our clients are guaranteed to experience an up-to-date masterclass in the creative and commercial capabilities of immersive tech.


It’s a special kind of digital expedition – a guided whistlestop tour through the HTC Vive, the Virtuali-Tee app, Microsoft’s HoloLens, and Gear VR. Just think of us as the technological David Attenborough.


Sound like your kind of thing? Email samantha@virtualumbrella.marketing.


If you have content or technology that you’d like to be included in the VR Safari, please let us know. We would love to discuss this with you!


If you’re an expert in the field and are interested in speaking at our workshops, please get in touch. All of our speaking opportunities are paid gigs and we’d be delighted to partner with you.

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Our tech

We’re platform agnostic. With all of its potential, we don’t believe VR should be limited by what kind of headset it’s viewed on.


That’s why we use VR Safari to showcase a variety of wearables and devices across virtual, augmented, and mixed realities, and take the time to explore the differences between them.

Virtual Reality – HTC Vive

Virtual Reality – HTC Vive

The HTC is arguably the most advanced virtual reality headset currently on the market. Using a mix of bluetooth and laser tracking technology the headset enables you to walk around in a virtual space of to 5x5m. Users are able to interact with devices, move objects, and complete a whole range of tasks using the intuitive controllers.

VR Safari Immersive Technology Workshops - HTC Vive VR virtual reality headset

Augmented Reality – The Virtuali-Tee

The Virtuali-Tee is an app designed to teach its audience about the human anatomy in augmented reality. Using a skeleton shaped marker, users can explore the human body projected onto a t-shirt. When paired with Google Cardboard or GearVR, the user can even go ‘fully virtual’ and experience a 360 view from inside the human body.

Mixed Reality – Microsoft HoloLens

The HoloLens is Microsoft’s flagship immersive technology device. Using hologram technology, the headset is able to project interactive holograms into the room around you.

360 Video – Gear VR

360 video is one of the most accessible forms of VR on the market, allowing the user to explore a video of an environment in full 360 degrees. It’s not as versatile as other forms of VR as it doesn’t support movement through a space, but its simplicity is also its strength. This kind of VR experience is perfect for providing a powerful and thought-provoking snapshot of a place, event, or narrative.

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Our Sessions

You know best what you need from our workshops. So you choose what’s covered:


  1. Storytelling with immersive tech
  2. Immersive technology development: the basics
  3. Using immersive tech as part of integrated PR/marketing campaigns and events
  4. The VR industry: where is it now?
  5. The do’s and don’t’s of immersive tech



Depending on your topic choice and partner availability, we tailor our workshop team to suit you, calling on our contacts in the BBC, Analog Folk, VR/AR production companies, and more to build a workshop dream-team.

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*We only work with the best of the best. Our guest speakers/experts vary depending on availability and come from a range of industry backgrounds including the broadcasters, hardware manufacturers, VR/AR production companies, and many more.

An Example of How VR Safari Can Run

  • 10:00am – Introduction.
  • 10:15am – Session 1. We invite an expert guest speaker* to talk about a set topic that’s directly relevant to the client’s interests. (Media company? We can bring in VR documentary filmmakers. A finance institution? We’ll set you up with an investor. A digital agency? We know veteran devs who can put you on the right track.)
  • 11:15am – Session 2. A member of the Virtual Umbrella team delivers a comprehensive guide to the immersive technology industry and it’s future – looking at the market, revenue projections, and selected case studies.
  • 12:15pm – Q&A. We run a questions-and-answers session with the group (or round table discussion depending on number of guests).
  • Break
  • 14:00pm – Demos. Our expert team runs hands-on tech demos with the latest hardware; including virtual, augmented and mixed reality, haptic devices and more.

Client Feedback

I found the presentation and the ability to try out the experience so utterly engaging. I really enjoyed the session and found the team to be incredibly accessible. Thank you so much for taking the time.

Very engaging and well-informed presentation , delivered with verve, energy, humour and clearly a passion for the field […] I found it all very interesting. Well done!

Really excellent presentations, right mix of content and commercial angle, all done with great personality.