One day this will be a footnote in a “The History of VR”

I watched the Google I/0 evenPrint Screen Googlet unfold on my phone as I travelled back home on the train last night.

Apart from the rubbish signal, I managed to witness the unveiling of Google VR. I never used to get excited about these kind of events but now that my world revolves around VR, these events have a massive impact on my work, including how I react to these conferences “BRING OUT THE VR”.

Bertie and I agreed on the train that it feels like we are living through iconic VR moments. There will be a time in the next 10/20 years and we will think, yeah I remember where I was/ what I was doing when that HMD was announced.

Our initial thoughts on Daydream…

DaydreamHMD-1024x578Photo credit: VRFocus

  • It’s cool!
  • Super versatile due to the fact that it spans across most android devices.
  • Daydream home appears to basically be the good parts from Oculus home sprinkled with Google magic.
  • The new Google vr controller is suspiciously similar to the Oculus and Apple controllers…
  • Building on Google Cardboard’s current audience means they will be able to slowly introduce users to more intensive technology and more immersive VR experiences.

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