Guest Blog: What’s Next for Immersive Technologies?

Across cultures and generations, we’ve always been fascinated by stories.


The way we tell them has come a long way from the days of sitting around a campfire thousands of years ago.


Today, augmented, virtual and mixed reality have revolutionised the way we tell stories. From the classroom to the home, they are changing the way we experience the world around us. Now, we have the power to change what people see and feel.


So, what’s next for these immersive technologies?



Technology Has Come a Long Way


Immersive tech has been around for years, taking on many different forms. However, the technology has come a long way even in this short period of time!


It has the power to completely change the way we perceive and experience our surroundings. We can make virtual or auditory content interact with the real world, or completely immerse ourselves in new surroundings.


This presents plenty of exciting opportunities for businesses and creatives. Not only can they take advantage of this technology, but they can also find ways to take it not the next level.


How is Immersive Tech Currently Being Used?


This technology is often solely associated with video games and apps. However, it can be found in many different areas.


Flying Simulations


For those who have ever wanted to be a pilot, VR can bring this experience to life.


This technology can also be used to train those thinking more seriously about the profession, helping them to improve their skills.


The Army


Currently, army researchers are exploring the benefits of using immersive technology for soldiers.


Augmented and virtual reality have the power to simulate training and improve efficiency.




AR and VR have taken theatre experiences to the next level, making it more accessible. For example, those who are deaf can read captions for performances, while watching the play itself.


Medical Training


Immersive tech has had a huge role to play in advancing medical training. Simulation operating rooms can be created, allowing trainee doctors to pick up vital skills.




What if you could see an item in your home before you bought it? Thanks to immersive tech, this is now a reality.


What Opportunities Have VR and AR Unlocked?


This technology has presented huge opportunities for businesses and creatives alike.


It brings likeminded thinkers together to figure out new ways to captivate the public and hold people’s attention.


Where is This Technology Going?


From the classroom to our living rooms, we have a new way to tell our stories and present information. We can create experiences ourselves.


To help unlock the full potential of this technology, the government have announced new funding. This will provide support and help creative businesses harness the full power of immersive storytelling.


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