International Women’s Day – #IWD2020

As we plan, experiment and prepare for our  DiVRse stock photography project, we wanted to share some shots for #IWD2020. These are some of the women of Virtual Umbrella. 


I always knew that running a business would give me the opportunities to hire a variety of people. I have tried my best to create opportunities and support as many women as possible in the Immersive industry, but I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the women in the Virtual Umbrella Team.


If you follow us closely, you will most likely have seen these faces before. Lily and Violet or Nerd Pirates as you might know them, have been working with us for over 3 years. Did you know that we met their Mum before we met them? After doing a talk in Bournemouth, a very excited and enthusiastic lady stopped us in the hallway and wanted us to meet her twin daughters Lily and Violet. A few weeks later we ended up having tea and cake on a sunny afternoon, in their garden, surrounded by laughter. 


Lily and Violet are infectiously hard working, passionate, funny and make us so happy to have them part of the team. Their attitude to work is always 110% and they make us excited about what we do on a day to day basis. You know the Ladies are around because you can hear them giggling before you see them. Go follow the Nerd Pirates online and say hello.