ICRC Digital Day in Geneva

Project Description

Virtual Umbrella was introduced to the ICRC via Sheffield Documentary Festival Curator, Dan Tucker. ICRC were running a digital day for their staff and invited parties. Working alongside the great ICRC team and 4 content creators, Dan Tucker and VU staff headed to Geneva to run two rooms full of VR and AR content. We showcased a range of experiences on the HTC Vive, Oculus, and Gear VR.


Content included: ‘Aftershock: Nepal’s Untold Water Story’, ‘Ayan’s Journey’, ‘Mamie’s Dream’, ‘The Journey’, ‘After Solitary’, ‘Deathtolls Experience’, and ‘We Wait’.


Alongside the VR demos, we also had a VR panel moderated by Dan Tucker. The focus of the panel was to allow each speaker to share their case studies (which the audience would have tried out during the day), and to bring together a discussion about the humanitarian value of immersive technology, tips on creating VR experiences, and what the legacy of a VR piece can be once it’s been created.


The event was a great success and sparked some fantastic conversations about using VR for creating empathy and exploring difficult topics from across the world.

Project Details

May 24, 2018


Case Studies

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