To The Moon – Manchester International Festival

Project Description

To The Moon is a spectacular two-part exhibition from ‘singularly brilliant’ American artist, Laurie Anderson & new media creator, Hsin-Chien Huang. It consists of a 15 minute VR experience and an accompanying installation of 2D film, images, and audio – all focused on earth’s mysterious satellite neighbour: the moon. 


50 years on from man’s first lunar landings, the experience focuses on recreating a journey to the moon for terrestrial viewers. It lets them take off, explore the surface of the moon, glide through constellations, and more. Anderson remarks: ‘the moon has a very inspiring, dreamlike existence […] secretly, all I want to do is to let people fly.’


In July 2019, Virtual Umbrella was asked to help set up this breathtaking exhibition at the Manchester International Festival. Our role included: reviewing and preparing the exhibition space for a VR showcase, installing and setting up VR hardware, and troubleshooting technical difficulties over the duration of the festival. 


You can find out more about To The Moon here:

Project Details

August 9, 2019


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