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In late 2016, Virtual Umbrella worked alongside Fuse and other partners to run an experience day for staff and consumers at LinkedIn as part of the San Miguel ‘Rich List’ campaign. The project involved activations at Somerset house and Carlsberg’s two head offices in Northampton and Leeds, during which our team managed the London showcase of Wevr’s ‘theBlu’ VR experience featuring the voice of underwater photographer, Göran Ehlmé. 



We were particularly proud to have worked in such an iconic location as Somerset House, using our expertise to provide technical support, train brand ambassadors in the use of virtual reality technology, and act as customer support for those trying out the experience. Across the night, we ran VR demos for c.200 visitors – many of whom were excited to try virtual reality for the very first time!


The event itself used the VR showcase as part of a series of experiences which were curated to help communicate San Miguel’s brand values. At the core of the campaign was the message that the ‘richness’ of life has more to do with the spirit of adventure and sensory exploration than money or material possessions.


In their own words: “It was that mentality and sense of adventure of starting something new and trying to learn from different cultures and different people. It’s that philosophy – how do we take that explorative mindset and make that relevant to today, and today’s consumer? Travelling the world is so much easier than it was 126 years ago, so we wanted to embrace that attitude and find a way of bringing it to life today.” – Dharmesh Rana (San Miguel Senior Brand Manager).


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July 18, 2017


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