Halloween Weekend

Halloween is upon us already.

I know what I will be doing this weekend! Watching far too many scary films, American Horror stories and the rest of Black Mirror on Netflix. However I  will also be taking a break and seeing if I can find any dark, weird or creepy content to try out on my headsets this Halloween weekend.

If you are doing the same as me, or if you are having a Halloween party why not check out some of the following content to scare… I mean share with your friends.

Chair In A Room (HTC Vive) 

I first tried Chair In A Room on the HTC Vive back when I was running the Tech Hub at EDEF (Edinbugh Fringe). We had a lot of people screaming and it brought a crowd. Intense and great fun. Worth a download.


Ctrl – (Gear VR) 

Not your typical Halloween content but if you are looking through the Gear VR store for something different, we recommend Ctrl. If you like the style of Black Mirror, download Ctrl this weekend and follow the journey of Liam.


Sonar – (Gear VR) 

Sonar is not a game, it is in fact described as a movie. So sit back and kind of relax as you discover the dark secrets of Sonar.


Dark Days – (Gear VR) 

I have not had the chance to try Dark Days yet but according to UploadVR it’s “A Creepy and Surprising Psychological Thriller” so I will have to download and give it a go. Tell me what you think?


VR Halloween Ride – (Cardboard)

If you are looking for something a little more gentle or maybe kid friendly there are a few Halloween themed apps for the cardboard to check out.

Just as bonus, if you have a PSVR watch the Kitchen Demo… that scared the hell out of me and it was only a demo.


What content will you be downloading this weekend and trying out?

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