VR Unrest

It’s been an amazing few weeks for team VU! We’ve moved into our brand spankin’ new HQ in Brighton, we’ve released our first quarterly round-up, and we’re excited to start work on a new, amazing project.

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be working with Together Films to tour Unrest VR across the country.

Unrest VR is a hard-hitting VR companion piece to the documentary, Unrest (Sundance 2017 Special Jury Award). Charting Jennifer Brea’s experience of M.E, the project uses the powerful immersive capabilities of VR to allow audiences an insight into what it means to live with an invisible illness. It’s visceral, personal, interactive, and reflective. Contrasting the isolation and boredom of a bedridden existence with the wild freedom of an internal dream world, it asks the question: ‘When you’re too sick to leave your bed, where do you go?’.

It’s always a joy to build new relationships with VR pioneers, but we’re particularly thrilled to be using our skills to support such a prestigious and important piece of work. Unrest VR not only premiered in the Virtual Arcade at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, but it also won the Alternate Realities VR award at Sheffield Doc Fest. Even more importantly, the team behind it are dedicated to supporting those affected by the world of illness, setting up free selected screenings of the film for medical professionals, scientists, and those working in healthcare. (For more info, see their website).

But don’t just take it from us…

“Virtual reality is often used to entertain, but its potential to inspire true empathy in people was on display in the the Unrest: VR experience.” – Digital Trends

“It was a real, visceral transportation into Jennifer’s story that could only been achieved in VR.”  – Canaan Rubin (Jaunt VR)

We’ll be providing in-person technical support, VR kit, and demo staff for the duration of the tour.

We hope to see you there!