VR Karaoke Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can’t see the karaoke lyrics on the screen?

This could be caused by a few problems, the most common one is that you need to to “allow untrusted URLs”.


Step 1: Open the quick menu (esc on keyboard or the b button on VR) and select “Settings”. (Fig.1)


Step 2: Point at “Allow Untrusted URLs” and make sure the box is ticked. (Fig.2)


I can’t see people?

Please make sure your vrchat version is up to date with the latest version.


How do I open the quick menu?

Oculus Rift or Quest: Y or B button
Vive/Index: top button on the right controller
PC: Esc key


I can’t find the karaoke world on VRChat?


  1. Open VRChat
  2. Open Quick Menu – (Y or B button)
  3. Click search in the top right
  4. Type the username of the moderator for your karaoke room
  5. Add as a friend
  6. Request invite or click Join


Moderator Usernames:

If you get lost or need help, add these people on VRChat and they can assist!

  • VirtualUmbrella
  • SamanthaKingston
  • DodgerRodger
  • Dr Dom
  • mcge
  • Gabbsy


I am talking but nobody is responding?


There are three possible things that could be going on:

1. You need to toggle your mic to “on”. See that little mic icon in the peripheral of your vision while in VRChat? If that has a line across it, your mic is turned off. Open the Quick Menu and click the mic icon to toggle it on. If you go into settings, you can check “mic defaults on” as well.

2. The entire room could have you muted. If this is the case, you might have some self reflecting to do.
3. You might have mic issues. Check recording devices in Windows to make sure the correct mic is set to default. If you are using a HTC Vive, check your steam VR settings and click on audio. Make sure your recording device is set correctly. Oculus users do the same under Oculus settings.

If you are using Quest with the Link Cable, please try this solution:
Disconnect the link cable and close the oculus software
Set the oculus virtual audio device as the default recording device in windows sound settings
Open the voice recorder app in windows
Reconnect your Quest and enable Link and it should force the Quest mic on


How do I change my avatar?


We have a wide variety of public avatars to use. Open the Quick Menu and click avatars to find the perfect look — or roam the virtual realms in search of the perfect avatar for you.


What’s this green icon that’s popped up next to the mic icon?


Looks like you are already busy making new friends! That green icon means someone sent you a friend request! Open up your Quick Menu and you should see a picture of their avatar with the alert, that you can select to accept (or deny) the friend request.

There are other kinds of notifications that may pop up. They’ll all explain themselves when they pop up, so keep an eye out!


Good to know

  • Use headphones to avoid echo when voice chatting.
  • Take a few minutes to find a custom avatar.