The Webinar Package

What is it?

Webinars are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools in a brand’s arsenal. Informative, educational, and entertaining, they have the power to excite listeners about a topic, a company, or a cause, and make them want to learn more. They can be used to boost brand awareness & grow your audience online. Or even to deepen the engagement of existing audiences with content that really matters to them.



At VU, we’ve applied our professional services experience to create an offering for webinars. Our package provides everything you need to create a high-quality webinar/webinar series, including tech checks, production, planning, live operations and editing.



Our goal is to provide webinars that deliver a professional presentation and the creation of reusable content which can be fed into your marketing plan.

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Marketing & promotion of webinars

Virtual Umbrella can work with you to devise and deliver a marketing plan for the promotion of webinars, with the objective to increase business-to-business reach, attract new stakeholders & audiences, and convey company core values.

  • Marketing strategy
    • Defining key audiences and messaging to reach them.
    • Planning out marketing actions on existing platforms (website, twitter, and potentially newsletter).


  • Social media strategy
    • Twitter promotional plans (soundbites, imagery, promotion of events).
    • YouTube promotion and brand awareness (branding up the channel, maximising discoverability of videos).
Creative consultancy across webinars

VU can deliver strategic & creative consultancy across the webinar series to enhance style, character, and tone.

  • Creation of assets in line with your visual identity.
    • Imagery for YouTube channel and videos.
    • Holding slides and title slides.
    • Promotional notices & invitation emails.
    • Design of video “look & feel”.


  • Delivery of a strategy for promoting webinars and repurposing assets for cost-effective impact.
    • Taking elements of the webinar to create sound bites for promotional use.
    • Creation of podcast using webinar content.
    • Developing assets with promotional language.
    • Managing and/or hiring freelance writers to use webinar transcripts to develop blogs, articles, think pieces, and podcasts for website or external publications.
    • Proposing and delivering other opportunities (e.g building the personal brand of key representatives).
Technical production of webinars

We can give pre-production consultancy.

  • Production of speaker briefing documents.
    • Production of call sheet and checklists (e.g captions, asset bins)
    • Production of webinar schedule.
    • Production of “cheat sheet” for speakers.
    • Creation of templated guides and processes for production & marketing.


  • Planning of webinar delivery.
    • Liaising with the team and devising objectives for each webinar.
    • Briefing speakers and moderators.


  • Rehearsals of webinar (tech checks).


  • Acting as a webinar technician during live webinar.
    • Orchestrating Q&A sessions.
    • Managing any technical issues.
Editing & delivery of webinars

We can provide creative & technical services to deliver a high-quality multi-format production.

  • Providing raw recordings.
    • Delivery of content in multiple formats including speaker view, gallery view, shared screen view, and audio track.


  • Delivery of edited webinar.
    • Hiring and managing freelance editors to handle content creation.
    • Acting as an interface with the editorial view of your company and freelance talent.
    • Editing recording, including keying in backgrounds and following the editorial brief. (Rough Cut & Fine Cut)


  • Creation of multiple formats and responding to dynamic formats.
    • Delivery of webinar as a podcast.
    • Delivery of “soundbites content”.