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Virtual Umbrella is a Marketing agency that specialises in the field of immersive technology. We work with agencies whose clients are asking for immersive services but don’t have the expertise to deliver this in-house.


Unlike other immersive technology providers we work with a wide range of xR businesses across a variety of industries and locations, this allows us to tailor bespoke workshops and provide consultancy services that are specific to you and your client’s needs. We also provide event services with trained immersive staff which means you can execute your immersive strategy with a knowledgeable team around you.

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If you want to learn more about some of the work we have done with Brands check out the following case studies; 


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Totally. Ping us a message at


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Totally. Ping us a message at


We were very impressed by the team at Virtual Umbrella who provided support, and an overall sense of calm with what was an ambitious programme of events and demos for something which we are still exploring as primarily a documentary film festival. We would very happily work with Virtual Umbrella again, who have shown themselves to be enthusiastic, optimistic and passionate experts within this ever-growing field.

Leona Chaliha, Head of Creative Development,

Open City Documentary Festival

I found the presentation and the ability to try out the experience so utterly engaging. I really enjoyed the session and found the team to be incredibly accessible

VR Safari Client

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