Breaking Fourth

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In July 2016, Virtual Umbrella provided experienced demo staff for a launch event at RADA Studios for the VR drama, ‘Ctrl’. Billed as one of the world’s very first VR plays from pioneering virtual reality storytellers, Breaking Fourth, the piece focuses on a talented young gamer and clear underdog, Liam, competing for the grand prize of an online tournament. In Breaking Fourth’s own words, ‘Liam defeats each level in record time. But with victory in sight, Liam’s home life begins to interfere with his gameplay. As time runs out, you learn what it is that Liam is really fighting for’.


Influential games writer, Chet Faliszek (Portal 2,  Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead), was quick to recognise the importance of the piece as a VR drama, calling it his ‘favourite Gear VR piece ever’. Media coverage included articles from The International Business Times, Indie Wire, Wired, and more, including Premieres Done Right: How Breaking Fourth Has Set The Benchmark For Theatrical VR’.


Since January 2016, Virtual Umbrella have also worked alongside the Breaking Fourth team as ongoing VR consultants, digital strategists, and marketing managers. We’ve helped plan, create, and implement marketing strategies and creative content for their productions, including social media management, GIF/image creation, website consultancy, and blog writing.

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July 10, 2017


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