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Project Description

Across 16th-17th May, Virtual Umbrella worked with the incredible teams at Generic Robotics and Toia Tech to present cutting-edge robotics with haptic feedback to the attendees at VR World. Listed by TechWorld as one of the hottest robotics startups in the country (2017), we were delighted to support the company in presenting their technology at the conference.


The demos were a huge success, attracting top industry influencers such as Marisol Grandon and Becca Caddy, and generating a flurry of positive feedback across social media.


“We are experts in the field of computer haptics, which is the science of providing touch interaction with machines, not like a passive touchscreen panel, but the creation of realistic forces and textures which can make you believe you’re touching and physically interacting with a virtual world.” (Generic Robotics)


“Thanks to VRWorld for a brilliant event, Virtual Umbrella for being the best demo staff ever, thanks to everyone who tried our tech.”  (Generic Robotics)


Project Details

March 12, 2017


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