Instagram AR Filter – Sad Girl Summer by Maisie Peters

Project Description


Impressions: 165,000
Opens: 91300
Captures: 10800
Budget: £3000



Create an Instagram filter to promote Maisie Peter’s new single – Sad Girl Summer



100k Impressions



Atlantic Records / Maisie Peters


Via Agency

Untold Studios


Teams Involved

Bertie & Sammy


Project Risks

Tight timeline, untested technical requirements


Materials & Reference

Creative brief, mp4 of Sad Girl Summer song, .jpegs of borders and speech bubbles



Start Date

01 July 2020


Total Duration

2 weeks


Completion: Desired Delivery Date

12 July 2020


Completion: Required Delivery Date

14 July 2020


Tasks involved & Deliverables

Consult and provide feedback on feasibility of creative brief
Resize, convert, compress all assets to be compatible with Spark AR including .mp4
Build code for filter
Place assets in filter
Set custom timings for every speech bubble in the filter
Testing of functionality x3
Amends x2
Submit to Spark AR, amend for guideline considerations and resubmission.



Actual Project Completion Date

14 Jul 2020


Project Details

January 11, 2021


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