Kaleidoscope London Vol.II

Project Description

For those who don’t know – Kaleidoscope is a worldwide community for VR creators to explore the art and science of virtual reality. Holding quarterly showcases across the globe, it brings together local innovators to share their work, find collaborators, and experience the official selection of ground-breaking new projects.


In spring 2017, Virtual Umbrella was proud to be a central part of that process. On March 29th, well over one-hundred virtual reality enthusiasts and professionals gathered at Juju’s Bar and Stage in London for a selection of VR talks, showcases, and demos as part of Kaleidoscope Vol.II. Masterminded by VU’s very own Bertie Millis in his role as Kaleidoscope London Community Director, speakers included: Surround Vision’s Erfan Saadati, VR City’s Darren Emerson, Marisol Grandon & Simon Davis from Unfold Stories, as well as the incredible Alexander Asen from the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.


Full Speaker List:
Erfan Saadati – Surround Vision
Alexander Asen – United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
Marisol Grandon & Simon Davis – Unfold Stories
Darren Emerson – VR City
Grace Boyle & Pete Speller -Feelies / Greenpeace
Oluwaseyi Sosanya – Gravity Sketch


Across two rooms of our cozy Shoreditch venue, the selection of Samsung Gear, Oculus, and Vive headsets also allowed visitors to experience a range of VR experiences for themselves – all carefully curated by the Kaleidoscope team. We’re particularly proud to have hosted the European premiere of ‘Life of Us’ – one of the world’s very first VR experiences to place multiple people inside of a shared virtual space, telling the breathtaking story of humanity’s evolution from protozoa to tadpole to homo sapien and beyond.

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