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Project Description

In late 2017, we were contacted by a member of the marketing team for a prestigious London theatre company. Their plan was to use a 360 interactive tour of their venue to boost attendance as part of their corporate sponsorship program, but they weren’t sure how to go about it.


Our job was to provide expert support to their marketing team, using our extensive VR network to help them to source and secure the perfect 360 supplier, as well as providing consultancy for the activation itself. This meant answering questions like: what kind of headset would be the most suitable? How many headsets should they use? What kind of technical support would be needed on-site? How should the installation be designed and laid-out?


Having helped them on the strategy side, we also continued our work in the implementation stage. We managed kit hire on two separate dates for two London venues near Embankment and London Bridge, making sure that the correct hardware was available to our clients when they needed it.


We were particularly happy to get great feedback from the client, who said:


“I wanted to say thank you for your help last week […]. It was a new space for us, you were great at approaching people and getting them to come over and experience the backstage through the headsets. The rest of the team were excited to have you there and I know that I even got a ‘Virtual Umbrella are really great!’ comment. I totally agree! Thank you all for your expertise and hope to work with you all again soon!”

Project Details

November 28, 2017


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