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This year Merge VR decided to have an on-site showcase at WiredLive in London, demoing their headsets and the Merge Cube. It was essential that they could call on staff who they trusted to embody the Merge VR brand and maximise the impact of their event presence. We’d already had a history of successful work with Merge, demoing their products at Multiplay’s Insomnia to an audience of around 40,000 (following our weekend of work, their sales increased by 100% across UK GAME stores).


Their Executive VP, Dan Warden, chose us as their brand ambassadors alongside a retained PR firm. We coordinated with the PR team to run their WiredLive stall for half of the two-day event, providing customer support, demos, and transportation of the VR kit to and from the supplier.


Not only were we excited to work with our friends at Merge again, but it seems they were very happy too:


“We were delighted recently to be invited by Wired UK to showcase our Merge Goggles and Merge Cube at the Wired Next Gen event held in London. As a US based brand we were not able to organize a team from overseas to come in and manage the event, but luckily we know Bertie and Sammy from Virtual Umbrella! They were quick to communicate and to act, and since they already knew our product they were able to hit the ground running and managed the Wired Next Gen showcase on our behalf. They were a tremendous support for us, making the event a great success. We have found Virtual Umbrella to be world class and also very connected in the AR/VR scene in the UK and far beyond.”

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November 28, 2017


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