Marketing with virtual reality.

Marketing has come a long way over the years; from the glory years of the 1950’s to the present day digital revolution. Change occurs when the world moves forward, not only socially but also technologically. Yet currently we are heading towards a crossroads in the Marketing world. A crossroads which we are heading towards at incredible speed and that could usher in a new age of creativity and emersion of the customer into individual brand loyalties.  So what is this crossroads that I am speaking of you ask? What is this new frontier that could, potentially, make or break brands?

It’s called Virtual Reality.


Virtual Reality has come a long way in recent years. The advance of technology has allowed VR to become a new gateway for a wide range of industries; be it Gaming, Education, Medicine, Military, Museums, giving rise to a wide variety of companies that specialize in the technology.

In terms of the Marketing industry, it has the potential to enhance customer experience through further immersion into a brand’s ethos, identity, products and image. The key is to be able to provide a virtual environment that the customer can explore in depth that highlights the ethos of the brand. Customer loyalty must therefore be understood to such an extent that brands should be able to provide all services that are available in the real world as well as in the virtual one.

Changing the Marketing Mix to suit the Virtual world opens new doors for brands, doors that can help integrate all Marketing activities across all channels. Cross Channel Marketing through online, print and now the Virtual world can link campaigns together and increase the level of attention given to campaign messages.

                                                                                                              Marriot Hotel's VR teleporter experience

Marriot Hotel’s VR teleporter experience

Immersion in the Virtual world is a singular event, there is very limited interference from the outside world. Brands that want to relay campaign messages, customer service or even brand updates can do so unhindered in the Virtual Market Space. Augmented Reality however may impact upon this, yet the successful and clever Marketer will know how to tailor the Marketing Mix correctly using similar tactics and strategy as in the Digital space.

Whilst Marketing in the Virtual Reality realm is still in its infancy, great things lie ahead. The tailoring of the Marketing Mix to suit the individual needs of brands in the Virtual Space has great implications with integrated communications. Linking different campaign elements, in the real and virtual worlds, is ultimately the best method for future Marketing Campaigns. So as I sit here writing this article, the world of Virtual Reality Marketing is getting closer.

It’s only a matter of time.

Jake Christophers
Marketing Director
Virtual Umbrella