We tried Crytek’s VR demo at E3 and it was incredible.


Having been in the VR industry a while now, it takes a lot to make to amaze us when it comes to virtual experiences, but there’s only one word to describe Crytek’s first foray into virtual reality. Wow.

From the moment we donned headsets, Samanatha and I were blown away by the clarity of the beauty of the game. Created using Crytek’s own Cryengine, famous for the phenomenal visuals seen in Crysis, this experience did not let compromise on quality. It’s not very often you find a VR game where the visual quality matches if not exceeds that of it’s key art. In the first ten seconds, we were both very impressed.

The demo itself was simple, scale a cliff face using a series of pulleys. The beauty in this simplicity is that it allows the user to fully embrace and observe their surroundings, which look phenomenal.

A clever feature is the way the player’s hands appear in game, unlike sensor technologies like the leap motion where you move your hand in real life to move them in-game, in Crytek’s demo your hands move with your gaze. This allows the user to think less and simply use a controller as they would be used to.

Every small detail has been imagined and accounted for, at one point David, Crytek’s head of production asked me to touch the rock face. As I did dust fell and leaves detached, drifting on the wind. Considering this was just small game to show off Cryengine’s VR potential, the company really did an amazing job.

If you have the opportunity to try this demo, drop everything and do it. It’s a beautiful VR experience.

Nice one Crytek.

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