At Virtual Umbrella, our mission is simple: to help businesses tap into the commercial and creative potential of immersive technology.


Working alongside new and leading VR brands alike, our kick-ass in-house team provide everything from cutting-edge strategic consultancy to event management, live demos, content creation, social media management, and branding. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established VR power-house or an up and coming developer. If it’s virtual, we’ve got you covered.


Since opening our doors in March 2015, Virtual Umbrella has become a valuable partner for our clients, providing high quality work and support for an industry that we can be proud of.


We love working with exciting technology and supporting businesses when creating brand new VR experiences. Virtual Umbrella are able to work with you on an agile project basis or a more complex retained based service. We’re able to work across the UK and internationally.


When it comes to VR, the Virtual Umbrella team are everywhere, making sure we’re keeping on top of the next big thing as well as running our own events! We recently ran the biggest VR event ever in London in February 2016- VRUK Festival

Our Services

Marketing Audit

Conduct a detailed analysis of internal and external factors affecting your company’s marketing conditions.

Marketing Plans

Create a SOSTAC marketing plan, crafting an overarching strategy, short-term tactics, and immediate actions.

Email marketing

Analyse and manage both your email campaigns and mailing list.

Exhibition Planning

We’ll work with you from start to finish, providing project management, sourcing marketing tools, offering our own fully trained events staff and more.

In house VR Events & Training

Looking to venture into virtual reality and want to know more? Need to get your staff experienced in using VR Gear? We can provide an in-house crash-course service designed around your team. Leave the planning and tech to us- it’s what we do best.

Event vr Demo Staff

Heading to a big conference or games event?  Our VR-trained staff can provide tech support and live demos throughout. Want to know more about the events we’ve been involved in? Check out our case studies.

Representing Your vr Content / Business

We know that running a VR business can be busy work . Our team is always on hand to represent you at events – showcasing your content, handing out your business cards/promotional content, and looking for new business opportunities for you.

Content Creation

We’ll talk for 30 minutes on the phone. Send us over collateral and we’ll turn it into a blog for you.

Social Media Management

Grow your company’s digital brand by interacting with your target audience and keeping them updated with day-to-day business. We schedule day posts, manage responses, direct questions and complaints to staff,  and produce weekly reports.

content Testing

Need to test your website, 360 film, or VR game in a safe environment prior to release? Let us know and we’ll test it, giving you our unbiased and honest feedback.

Brand Toolkit

We can generate your brand presentation deck detailing: ‘this is who we are, this is what we do, this is how we look, this is how we talk’.

Like what you see?  Let’s talk. 

Our Case Studies

The world of virtual reality has been really busy. So have we.

About Us

Virtual Umbrella was founded in 2015 by the multiple award-winning entrepreneurial duo, Bertie Millis and Samantha Kingston. Innovative, ambitious, and fiercely passionate, Virtual Umbrella is an internationally-recognised business with world-class clients.


Over the past two years, the VU team have introduced virtual reality to over 18,000 people and worked with names like Uber, Gucci, TechCrunch, Nokia, Mintel, Merge VR, AT&T, and more. 


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